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It’s been a bit up and down since last we talked. On the plus side, there was the Pete Townshend Quadrophenia playback and acoustic show in nearby Shepherd’s Bush, which not only had the performances but also found Pete chatting about mod and that little band he’s a member of. RC’s contingent didn’t get to neck any of the pie and mash on offer and we even missed out on the free booze, because we were outside drooling at the army of vintage scooters that had pulled up on the pavement. Besides which, everyone knows that pie and mash is not a proper mod meal; a proper mod meal is a mixed grill with brown sauce, two slices of white and two blues. Another good thing was RC being called “the industry bible for second-hand record consumers” in the Independent On Sunday. Which was nice, as they used to say on The Fast Show. And on the same day, I had the pleasure of meeting some of you at VIP’s impressive fair at Olympia. This is the first time I’d attended in a work capacity and it was a delight. Among the other things I picked up, I found one single in particular that I’d been looking for. A good day, Sunday.

On the minus side, I am starting to wonder if my function on eBay is to put the final price up for sellers. A few times this week, I’ve come second in auctions, with my bids being way higher than those of the poor souls beneath me, but just one notch below the lucky (grrr!) winners. Vendors must love me. Winners must loathe me. But all I want is to buy the records. Is it only me, or do I always seem to be the bridesmaid and never the blushing bride when it comes to auctions? (And I’d look fabulous in a bridal gown. Probably.) Another disappointment was Lou Reed with Metallica on Jools Holland, which showed neither at their best. I can understand the logic of the collaboration for Lou, because there’s a certain droning quality to Metallica at times which recalls the Velvets in an abstract way. And Metallica did seem to be into it, but Lou didn’t seem on top of the musical situation. I guess it’s just my opinion but I fingered the mute button after about 45 seconds.

Accentuate the positive, as the song says; production for the next issue of the magazine is shuddering towards completion. It’s our Christmas issue, and includes 31 seasonal records that don’t make you want to spend December in a cave; we’ve also got Chris Welch’s eternally entertaining Rock’n’Roll Diary with a Yuletide theme, and even a little story about a notorious rock manager who donned the Santa gear and dished out seasonal cheer against all expectations. And what’s the connection between the dreaded Pete Waterman and the Leded Zeppelin? Spend Christmas with RC. We can’t promise you mulled wine and filled stockings, but our stories come with all the trimmings. The mag will hit the shops on the first day of December. One last thing; we will soon be asking for your votes in our readers’ poll, so please do look out for that: it’s your chance to let us know what have been YOUR highlights of the year.

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Ian McCann, Editor In Chief

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