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Fully back in the schwing! of it now, frittering away my hard-earned on eBay and in shops, including…. gulp… a new reggae shop which has risen as most of the others have closed. Neatly tucked away in the basement of BM at 25, D’Arblay Street, Soho, London, W1F 8JE, it’s run by Papa Face, a man who has spent years as David Rodigan’s microphone chatter at live dates (and seen here playing unreleased Bob Marley and Dennis Brown mixes). Early days yet, but I’d suggest that the West End has room for a reggae shop, as it had barely had one since the great Daddy Kool moved out, and I’ll be supporting it.

I’ve been continuing my voyage into R&B, picking up a Fats Domino Imperial 45 on coloured vinyl and Ernie Field’s frankly ridiculous version of In The Mood on Rendezvous, which luckily has the unfeasibly twangy Christopher Columbus lurking on the flip. Here’s a clip – but be warned, the dancer’s gyrations may drive you into an uncontrollable frenzy of lust… or not.

Still more response to our British Soul Power feature in the current issue. Delighted to see that everyone still cares about this kind of music. Letters are still coming in asking for recognition for their favourites and remembering hot nights in packed ballrooms dancing the hitch hike to Jimmy James, or just standing, tongue hanging out, transfixed by Sharon Tandy’s mile-long legs. Some of your letters will feature in the next issue of the mag, as will those prompted by our RC Investigates story on counterfeit records. I must admit, I set out to buy a counterfeit once, but it turned out to be fake. I had the same problem with a pirate 45: Johnny Kidd wasn’t even on it.

Upcoming in the next issue: a look at collectable hip-hop LPs and a word or two about Depeche Mode, and The Misunderstood’s unravelling… erm, unravelled. Plus we investigate insuring that valuable vinyl and I review a 45 that could easily be an anthem for the magazine – or at least, it would be if it had been performed by a rockabilly singer over a Motown prog beat played by a bunch of mods who were about to magic mushroom into a psychedelic cloud over a punk club.

Record Collector: if it’s great, we love it, whatever it may be.

Thank you for your support.

Ian McCann

Record Collector Editor


In the latest issue:-

RC Jan


COVER STORY: Keith Richards on the making of The Stones’
Some Girls +
Kris Needs on the album’s origins.

Stone Roses: the second comeback – will it work out this time?

British Soul Power: the original home-grown soul stars, including Dusty, Geno, PP, Tandy, Farlowe and Fame.

Bill Bruford, the drummer who drove Yes, King Crimson and Genesis.

Bill Nelson: Be-Bop Deluxe’s enigmatic mainman talks.

Plus: Wishbone Ash, our pick of the rock books, Roger Mellie, 2011 under the microscope, and win a Can box set!
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