It’s a rare Ray Of Light….

…when one finds a small batch of sealed, mint, untampered by collecting hands, shop new Ray Of Light  111528US limited edition CDs in the fabulous lenticular [wiki is your friend] package. One of those rare but  very nice warehouse finds indeed.

37533But THEN… couple those with a small batch of Bedtime Stories US edition CDs in the lovely pale blue Velvet Pack, also sealed and untouched by man's hand, and this really does qualify for 'find of the week'.

These gems are in very limited supply – they're new – they're sealed (or did we say that already?), they're minty fresh. 

Get 'em quick – who knows when we'll see them again. 

PS:  if you miss the boat then commiserations but we're certain you can find something else in our Madonna catalogue to spend your hard earned cash on.

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