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So there you are, looking on eBay, and up comes a targeted ad. When I say targeted, I mean aimed at you personally. It happened to me last night. There I was wasting precious idling time by trawling for some stupid record on the Cadet label, and an ad for Gumtree appeared that urged me not to “miss” out on items I had glanced at a week previously. These included ads for several guitars that looked a bit rubbish, and some company that promises to make you a top club DJ even if you’re just putting leftover Shrove Tuesday pancakes in your CD decks. This was just curiosity on my part (and let’s face it, I could have been curious about stuff that’s a lot dodgier), but someone, or something, had clearly been watching what I’d been squinting at and decided that I needed to be looking at it again. No surprise there – the ad was on the web, and the word “spiders” contains the word “spies”. What I find irritating is the way I was also offered similar ads that weren’t. If I am going to be targeted, why is it with ads for junk that is only vaguely like the stuff I want? Why not target me with one of the Studio 1 albums I am looking for, a Small Faces acetate, or Mantovani Plays James Brown (which would be funny, at least). Put it this way, if the robot that sent those ads to me was a darts player, all the audience members at the last World Professional Darts Championships would be wearing eye patches.

RC readers up north will mock me for this so I apologise in advance. But I was lucky enough to visit Harlow Market on Monday morning and I am pleased to report that there are several record dealers there with an impressive range of old vinyl (although I did relieve them of the burden of taking some of it home). Plenty of soul, jazz and reggae on the day I went, and some superb prog. However, these dealers are hardy souls: it’s freezing there. I suspect it’s caused by the shape of the square, which is surrounded on all sides by high-ish buildings, making it like a wind tunnel at times. It can be grim down south too. But the vinyl was great, so it’s worth a visit. For those of you into nostalgia (me too), here’s a clip which includes the market square.

Brilliant news this week: RC is going to be stocked in a lot more Asda stores. So when you get home from the shops, you can announce that you forgot the full-cream milk and the economy pack of Persil, but you did pick up your favourite mag. And yes, I have done that. We’re delighted to take up residence in some more Asda stores and we’re taking it not only as a reflection on our own recent success, but also the revenge of vinyl…

We’re busy grafting away on our 400th edition – lots of collectables will feature, which means Ian Shirley really has been hard at it. Unfortunately he’s gone totally bonkers from accidentally inhaling the spray glue he’s using to put together the replica sleeve for our Grannie vinyl offer. He’s buzzing like bluebottles around a cow pat. But he’s done a great job on those Grannies. We’ve already banned someone from the office for making an off-colour joke about Ian spraying Grannies, so don’t even think about it…

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Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor

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