A fantastic batch of Electro/Industrial/Synth Pop!


We recently picked up an incredible collection of records, that focus on all things electronic. If you have been looking for Industrial, New Wave, Synth Pop, Electro, and releases from the legendary 4AD label, then look no further. There is everything from Nine Inch Nails, Fashion, Human League, Yello, Devo and many more. Below I have listed a few of the highlights that are itching to get a new home!

Nine-Inch-Nails-Pretty-Hate-Machi-199655NINE INCH NAILS Pretty Hate Machine – Scarce original 1989 UK 10-track debut LP by Trent Reznor, a cult classic that put a touch of emo into the industrial scene for the first time, setting a trend for the following decades. A timeless record that still sound moving and powerful so many years later!
YELLO Baby – Rare 1991 UK 10-track vinyl LP, pressed in Germany for the UK market, with misprint on Yello-Baby-522643 the sleeve of 'Who's Groove' instead of 'Who's Gone'. A great record from the early 90's that should not be overlooked by any Yello fan!!
Lonely is an Eyesore4AD RECORDS – Lonely Is An Eyesore – 1987 UK 9-track vinyl LP with a heavy card picture sleeve, and envelope style inner. Includes some of the hottest artists on the legendary 4AD label at the time including Throwing Muses, This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance, and Cocteau Twins! An absolutely cracking compilation
This was an incredibly large collection, full of LP's, 12"s, and 7"s with more to be sorted in the coming weeks but there are plenty already up on our site, so if you want to take a trip down memory lane then head to 991.com and browse our catalogue!


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