More rare Indie, Emo, and Hardcore has arrived!


After our recent haul of late 90's American Indie, Emo, and Hardcore there have been some fantastic gems being pulled out, including some very rare split 7"'s from bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Cursive, Cave In, Small Brown Bike, and more. As well as various other EP's from bands that pioneered a scene which would eventually become a global phenomenon. below are some more of the highlights so far!

JewJIMMY EAT WORLD/JEJUNE Split EP – Rare 1997 US 4-track wide centred Red vinyl 7", with picture sleeve. Feature 4 tracks from two of the late 90's best Indie/Emo bands Jimmy Eat World, and Jejune. Typical of the late 90's style of intricate guitar playing and sugary sweet melodies. Includes two tracks by each band, That's Why She Hates Me, and The Early Stars by Jejune, and What Would I Say To You Now, and Speed Read by Jimmy Eat World. A piece of Emo history!
SMALL BROWN BIKE/CURSIVE Split EP – Rare 2001 US 2-track Lime Green vinyl 7", with picture sleeve Smbcursive. Released as part of the Makoto Records split series, featuring My Unanswered Whys by Small Brown Bike, and Nostalgia by Cursive. Two great tracks from some of the pioneers of the early American Emo/Hardcore scene!
SplitlipSPLIT LIP EP – Blue Vinyl – Rare 1992 US 4-track Blue vinyl 7", with textured picture sleeve, and textured fold out lyric inner. The second EP from one of the early pioneers of the Emocore genre, that would goon to inspire a whole generation of bands including The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, and countless others! Includes the tracks Cry Wolf, Unsolid Ground, Crest Fallen, and Soul Kill. A very rare release from the band that would go on to become Chamberlain.
THE GET UP KIDS Split EP – Europe Tour Cover – 1998 UK 2-track vinyl 7", with exclusive European Tour Get up kds braid 1998 picture sleeve. The A side is Forever Gets Shorter by Braid, and the B side is I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel. Both these bands where pioneers of the indie/emo movement in the late 90's and this is great example of just why! Not to be missed out on, and this is very hard to find in this sleeve!
CaveinCAVE IN/PIEBALD Split EP – 1996 USA Limited Edition 2-track vinyl 7", with picture sleeve and lyric/credits inner. Hard to find split EP limited to only <b>2000</b> on black vinyl, featuring early tracks from both bands, when they were showing a more of a Boston Hardcore sound. Includes I Guess Its Ok by Piebald, and Programmed Behind by Cave In. A great example of two bands that massively changed their style as they progressed, and this is a great way to hear them in their earliest, rawest form!
There will be plenty more dropping on in the coming weeks, with great releases from Planes Mistaken For Stars, Frodus, Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Elliott and more, as well as items already available from Cap N Jazz, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Jawbreaker! So if you want to take a trip down memory lane to a time when Emo and Hardcore wasn't made for the masses then head to and browse our catalogue!


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