An Indie, Punk, Hardcore, Emo Revelation!!

We have recently picked up an awe inspiring collection of some of the finest US indie, punk hardcore, emo, screamo, and any other sub genre you can think of, that will have even the most die hard fans in shock. This wonderful collection includes such artists as Jawbreaker, Chamberlain, Cursive, Mineral, Elliott, Braid, Lifetime, Coalesce, Frodus, Envy, and too many to even list in one sitting! A few of the fantastic highlights include:
Shmap1CAP N JAZZ Burritos, Inspiration Point…/Shmap N Schmazz  – Very Rare 1995 UK Issue 12-track vinyl LP, with picture sleeve, and illustrated lyric insert which denotes that this is the UK pressing, and one blank sided label, one with Peanuts characters printed on to it. Released on Tiny Superhero by way of Man With Gun records, long out of print on both sides of the Atlantic, and getting harder to find by the day, this fantastic piece of US emo/indie is utterly timeless. This was the only full length Cap N Jazz released, and even though their existence was brief, the members went on to form a whole host of other bands, usually involving either one, or both of the Kinsella brothers, such as Joan Of Arc, Owen, Owls, Ghosts and Vodka, American Football and countless others. This is an essential piece of 90's emo/indie for any collector!
MINERAL The Power Of Failing – Very Rare 1997 UK 10-track vinyl LP, with picture sleeve, Lyric/Credits Mineral+-+The+Power+Of+Failing inner, and Crank records distro advertisement. One of the true godfathers of real American indie/emo, Mineral are a band that pioneered the genre along with bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World. Lush melodies, powerful guitars, and a sense of raw power that today's "emo" bands would never be able to match up too. A true classic that any fan of indie, emo, or alternative music should have in their collection!

Cd-coverSUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE The Rising Tide – Green Vinyl – Rare 2000 UK 11-track double green vinyl LP, with gatefold picture sleeve that has lyrics/credits printed on the inside. An absolutely timeless album, that really shouldn't need any introduction. This was the final full length buy the highly influential emo legends, and includes the tracks Killed By An Angel, and Fool In The Photograph. Jeremy Enigks vocal delivery is as strong as ever, with emotional lyrical content that could melt even the stoniest of hearts. A great record that should be in EVERYONE'S collection!

THE GET UP KIDS/COALESCE Burned Bridges/Im Giving Up On This One – Rare 1997 UK third pressing Getupkids-coalesce 2-track vinyl 7", with fold out picture sleeve. A split effort by emo rock band The Get Up Kids, and hardcore band Coalesce, each covering a song by one another, in their retrospective styles, making it completely their own. This is very hard to track down, and a sure fire way to earn scene points amongst your friends!
157727JAWBREAKER Busy – Very rare 1989 UK 2-track vinyl 7", with picture sleeve and lyrics printed on the back, also includes Equalized. One of the earliest released from the legendary punk rock band Jawbreaker, from their first album Unfun, much more raw, and hard hitting than their later output, with a hardcore feel and emotive lyrics that would end up spawning and entire generation of emotional punk bands. A period piece of US punk that should not be ignored by any collector!!
So if you want to know which bands Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and countless others owe a SERIOUS debt too, or you were there at the time and want to take a trip down memory lane with some of the finest underground music to be put out, then head to and have a look through, with more to be added in the coming weeks!

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