Andy Warhol ‘Double Elvis’ expected to make $50m

An Andy Warhol portrait of Elvis Presley as a cowboy could make as much as $50 million (£31 million) Elvis_2214829b when it goes up for auction this evening.

Sotheby’s says the “Double Elvis (Ferus Type)” will be sold Wednesday night, 7pm EDT, during a contemporary art sale.

The silver silk screen painting shows Elvis armed and shooting from the hip. A shadowy Elvis figure is faintly visible in the background.

It was exhibited at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in 1963, the year it was created.

The auction house said it’s the first “Double Elvis” to appear on the market since 1995. The sale estimate is $30 million to $50 million.

Sotheby’s identified the seller only as a private collector.

Courtesy of The Telegraph.

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