Drum N Bass is still alive!

After the last collection of Drum N Bass we bought we figured its time to branch out and go for some more.
A new collection has just started dropping on of classic Drum N Bass anthems from the 90's including titles by Roni Size, Ganja Kru, DJ Die, DJ Zinc, and many more. These were the artists that pioneered the genre, and its to alot of these acts that the likes of chart toppers Pendulum, Chase And Status, and even dubstep flavour of the month Skrillex owe a serious amount of gratitude.
Timeless coverThe pick of the day has to be the album that change it all. None other than Timeless by Goldie. An album that is rarely scene on vinyl these days, and certainly not in the condition that we have managed to aquire one. This period piece of Drum N Bass history is essential to any fan of the genre, and it still, 17 years after its release, lives up to its name and truly is timeless. Omni-trio-renegade-snares
There are still plenty of titles left from the previous collection, although some are being snappe up, so dont miss out on great titles by Omni Trio, J-Majik, Adam-F, and many more. This is a serious call to any budding DJ's or Drum N Bass fans, click here to see what you can get your hands on.

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