Minty Frankie Blue Eyes!


We don’t often buy Frank Sinatra collections. Nothing against the music, the man was a true legend among men, but we just don’t find the wax in the condition we like anymore. But… every so often the stars align and we pull up something truly remarkable that reminds us just what we're here for. Fans of ‘The Voice’, rejoice. It is no hyperbole when we say the latest Sinatra arrivals are turning up as minty fresh as we like. The original LPs - the sleeves still a perfect off-white and the vinyl looking like it was pressed only yesterday - are selling like hot cakes. The EPs are coming shortly.

Ring-a-ding-ding, indeed. This is a one-previous owner collection and a one of a kind discovery that doesn’t come around often. If you want your Frankie UK LPs mint, you’d better hop on over to the Frankie store pretty quick! First come first served, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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