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Back in the saddle after last week’s viral fiasco, so I am not writing to you from my bed – you will no doubt be relieved to hear. We’ve been polishing up the pages for the next issue of Record Collector, which will go to press soon. Among the treats in store is an item about the original UK pressing of Ziggy Stardust… which is not necessarily the pressing it is generally assumed to be. We have a fantastic new Rare Record Club release from prog-psych-blues monsters Leviathan to offer you. We speak to Mr Richard Hawley, a musician who knows the value of classic rock just as much as we, the fans, do. And we also bring you the true mod-rock icons, the Small Faces. Can’t wait to see it in print… I only hope this doesn’t read like a Jools Holland announcement!

I would like to be able to tell you of my latest adventures in the world of record buying but I haven’t really found anything of note this week. For sure, there is stuff on the way by what is still just about called the Royal Mail, but it has yet to arrive. I spent quite a lot of my spare time looking for a single that had been misfiled to include a picture of it in the magazine. I knew I had it somewhere, but it wasn’t where the rest of the band’s records were, and in the end I started looking behind the records on the shelves in case it had somehow wormed its way back there – always a bad sign. Alas to no avail. Next day I looked again. Still no luck. I was starting to wonder if I’d imagined owning it. In which case, I’d have imagined walking into the shop, seeing it on the wall, asking the owner, whom I knew well, and paying for it, before going home with it and then going off to the dentist a little late afterwards. Which is of course, one of the great things about visiting a record shop rather than buying online – you remember the events that surround buying an interesting record. So I knew I had it somewhere. Then I remembered – it was in my DJ box. Not that I’d ever played it while DJing, but I’d considered it, and that was enough to mean several hours searching over a few days. I don’t own that many records that this should have been a problem, but cataloguing records can be difficult, especially when you collect across a lot of genres and there’s not really much of a logical way of filing some of them, such as reggae, as the artists all work with each other for any number of record companies in a variety of styles. Somehow we file records this way and that, or not at all, and I’d like to see a definitive method of filing that would eliminate difficulties like the one I had this week. That said, I’d also like to see world peace, an end to illness and free curry for all every Friday night. I suspect I face a long wait…

Have a good week,


Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor

In the current issue of Record Collector:-

  RC May


In this issue:

The Beatles – Which is the rarest edition of their first album? How many were pressed? In more depth than ever achieved before! Plus a review of recent developments in Fab Four books and a story that looks at some of the less-appreciated elements of their tale.

A major feature on one of the most enduring punk bands, Cockney Rejects (and they’re more than just punk, as those who heard their later albums will know).

An interview with Madness in which they take us back to their ska days.

We meet “the German Pink Floyd”, Eloy.

And we hear from The Smiths’ Mike Joyce about a new project which includes something big and unseen about the band.


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