Monday’s Top Three! It’s An 80’s-Fest – Including A German-Only Swirly Vinyl Release For Depeche Mode And Limited Picture Discs For U2 And The Cure!

U2-Pride-In-The-Name-6938U2 Pride [In The Name Of Love]

Rare original 1984 UK limited edition 2-track 7" vinyl black rim PICTURE DISC single with individual band portraits on the reverse, also including Boomerang II – this is the ONLY official U2 7" picture disc ever commercially released!


Depeche-Mode-New-Life---Marble-10551DEPECHE MODE New Life

Rare 1981 German-only limited edition MARBLED SWIRL vinyl 12" maxi single, also featuring Shout, glossy picture sleeve.



The-Cure-The-Walk-22693THE CURE The Walk

Tough to find original 1983 UK limited edition 2-track 7" vinyl PICTURE DISC single, backed with The Dream and featuring a close-up of Robert on the front looking decidedly miserable for a change – wonderful!

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