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I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the South West this week and was particularly struck with the standard of records available in the charity shops there. Totnes and Tavistock proved particularly interesting, with one shop in the former offering a wide range of new vinyl alongside various other places on the high street supplying second-hand goods that include our beloved black plastic. The latter boasts the high-end hi-fi shop Tavistock Audio, which has a small but well-chosen selection of used LPs, and some great thrift shops, one of which had a selection of Apple 45s in good nick. Worth a visit. Vinyl hasn’t died – it’s just gone west.

This newsletter has been like The Small Faces’ fan club lately so I promise this’ll be the last time I mention them… for a while. The 16 annual Small Faces Convention is on 8 September at 229 The Venue, Great Portland Street, London W1, and promises eight hours of SF fun, including performances by Slim Chance, Small Fakers and Stone Foundation, plus special guests, and the world premiere of the Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert film on a big screen will bring you further details. On a related subject, I was amused to receive an Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake clock from, which can also supply timepieces of many albums ranging from the GunnersAppetite For Destruction to Cream’s Disraeli Gears. They’re kinda cute, created from recycled coasters, and are cheap at a tenner. Buy one for the record collector in your life – ie, yourself.

Rule No 1 for the serious collector is never to trust the “experts”. In the new issue of RC I gushed at length about Keith Hudson’s Furnace album. Some have queried the mention of it being his second album although I stand by that assertion. However, I was definitely wrong about who played the arresting horn part on Riot – I said it was Jo Jo Bennett. Wrong, it was definitely Dizzy (aka Dizzie) Moore. And if I’d had the sense to look on the 7” of the tune, which I own, it would have told me as much. Duhhh. Apologies for that. Riot is, of course, a Hugh Masekela song (said the “expert”): Here it is

Hope you’re having a sunny week,

Good record hunting,


Ian McCann, Editor, Record Collector

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