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The new issue has been
out a week, yet we are still receiving letters about the previous one. Maybe
it’s the just sheer shock at seeing Hawkwind on the cover of a magazine,
but it seems to have touched a nerve with a lot of readers. And a pleasure
receptor at that. Or perhaps there was just too much to read in that issue and
people are still absorbing it. Another thing that has drawn a strong response is
the Letter Of The Month in the current, Hendrix-fronted issue of
RC, which asks what exactly these black plastic things we so adore are
actually for? Lots of letters about that. All of them indicate that our readers
treasure their records as much as ever despite all the other distractions that
have come along since the vinyl album came into existence. Will we feel the same
about DVDs? I doubt it. I know that many of our readers absorb everything in the
magazine, but for the benefit of casual buyers I feel I ought to point out that
one of the stories you might overlook is that of Ken Scott: this
legendary engineer and producer was on hand at Abbey Road when The
cut many of their most-cherished records, and Mr Scott produced a
few albums for David Bowie, Hunky something and Ziggy
whatsit among them. It’s a great interview and I urge you to not to miss it.

So a few days ago I was
in my office at home looking for some records to scan in for the next issue. Not
many but enough to absorb valuable time; Kinks singles, The
, something on the Planet label that, frankly, I don’t know whether
it actually exists or I just imagined it. And it strikes me that it’s probably
not that great having to clear a space among the piles of records on the
floor in order to reach the recently-installed shelves that are now packed. Time
to do something about it. But what? The walls are full. The floor is full. That
just leaves the ceiling, and ever since that idiot Newton invented gravity,
that’s been impossible to use as a storage space, although I was experimenting
with a system involving a large magnet in the loft and steel rods for the
records’ centre holes. The trouble is, the magnet had to be so heavy that it
fell through the ceiling and destroyed 69 mint copies of Sandie Shaw In
that I had been saving for a
giorno di
(if that’s wrong, blame
Google Translate, not my total ignorance). Anyway, I decided to stop feeling
sorry for myself and buy a few boxes that stack. These are the ones I
got and they’re doing the job good and proper. But really, there’s not that much
choice these days. I was in Maplin about a year ago buying a 12” DJ box and my
wife (oh yes, I have got a wife, an ongoing miracle) asked the girl who
served us whether they had any cases for 7”. “Seven inch what?” asked the girl,
no innuendo intended. “You know, small records,” said my wife, now knowing she
was wasting her time. “What are they?” asked the girl, who had genuinely never
heard of such a mad thing. And that’s why there’s not much choice of 7” boxes.
Thanks to those boxes I have a floor again, but I still haven’t found that
Planet 45. Does it exist? It could all have been a dream, or a…

During the glorious
new romantic support the miners not for turning acieeed! Loose Fit-tastic
80s when I was working for NME, even a rumour that you were ‘doing’
the singles was enough to prompt a hail of 45s. Not so now. There’s a shortage
of 7” vinyl coming into the office. I’ve only got a couple to do (thank you
Trojan) and the deadline is next week; at least it’s an excuse for another trip
to the record shop to buy some new releases. There are not many mags that cover
7” singles specifically on vinyl so I guess press copies are difficult to come
by as they’re not really needed nowadays. Spencer Grady reviews the out-there,
cutting edge singles, I cover the retro, ska and dancefloor-aimed stuff. Do get
in touch if you’re about to release anything. The column is called Single Cream
because we concentrate on the stuff that we consider to be among the

That’s it from me for
now, talk to you next week.

Have a great Bank
Holiday weekend.


Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor



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