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I am now back in fashion, thanks to Wiggo’s sideburns. Of course, he is only copying me (just like I copied Noddy Holder). I have been sporting sideburns since I was first able to grow them – about two days ago. Mine are, of course, mostly bumfluff filled in with ginger eyebrow pencil, but Mr Wiggins has made a difference to daft old blokes like me who are desperately clinging on to a youth that was lost decades ago. Plus the cyclist’s rise to supremacy means that Damon Hill is no longer the only mod in sport – surely a good thing. Add to that Stuart ‘Punk Rock’ Pearce’s success in guiding England and Wales’ – sorry, Great Britain’s – male football team to the quarter finals, and this is truly a rock’n’roll Olympics. We at RC are thrilled. Although naturally we are also very concerned at times, and have to seek firm but tender reassurance from our lovely Filipino carers-stroke-nurses that any records broken at the Olympics are not vinyl. Phew, that’s a relief.

Talking of which, we are now putting the next issue of the mag to bed. This has been quite tricky this month, what with our banks of sub-editors taking time off for watching the highly-trained athletes throwing their matches in the badminton, and climbing over a mountain of orders for the Leviathan LP, Unleashed, which has earned pride of place on the RC Official Record Deck of late. This double-LP piece of progressive perfection has been our fastest-selling release to date and we fully expect the limited pressing of 750 to sell out swiftly, so if you want to grab a copy, click on the promo box below, but act fast…

In the meantime, sales of our Hawkwind issue have been strong – we had a feeling that there were legions of Hawkheads out there who would be glad to see it. They are a Great British Institution, although no doubt they wouldn’t see it that way. This month the cover is dominated by a Great American Hero who had to come to the UK to make it – Jimi Hendrix. We chat to prog legends Gentle Giant – and learn a few alarming things about Ozzy Osbourne in the process. All I would say about that is, if you are going to fly with any metal singing legend, better to choose Bruce Dickinson over Ozzy. And we select (and price) 500 great reggae singles for you to mull over – a feature which is already being discussed on the Jamaican music forums. We hate to give the game away, but The PigletsJohnny Reggae is not one of them, although I do own a copy of it. The lead ‘singer’ is Adrienne Posta, a superb actress and my top pin-up from the 60s and 70s, who actually made a few decent tunes, such as this one. Anyway, I digress – again. RC 405 hits the shops on 16 August, and like the juvenile Bill Oddie, it’s gonna be a goodie.

Hope you have a great week,





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