Vinyl Stall’s New Look and Promoting Vinyl Records in the Digital Age

Our friends over at have given the site a new

The retro but young feel of the site seems to concur with
the growth in the younger generation of vinyl record collectors. It seems that
record companies are recognising more and more that vinyl record collecting
isn’t about grey haired cronies harking after a long lost era anymore. Big,
popular stores are selling record players again, and mainstream artists like
Katy Perry are releasing their singles on vinyl.

Although to a large extent vinyl records are still represent
past eras, the collectors of today are becoming more and more digital and
internet savvy. This poses quite a demanding task for record sites such as and vinylstall, and that is – combine old school cool, with modern day
relationship building. This is why we use modern day branding, blogging and
social media to connect. With the right approach, you can actually promote the
mass media of the past using the tools from mass media of today. 

Vinylstall itself, actually uses modern day programming, in
order to scrape websites such as, and give the prices for a search
query. All you need to do is type in the artist and/or title of a record that
you are looking for, and
will give you the prices from all of the main online record stores. Don’t worry
though – you don’t have to be a modern day twentysomething in order to use this
simple search: try it out and see:

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