Monday’s Top Three! Including A ‘HOLY MOSES!’ Aussie-Only LP From Badfinger, A Beady Eye Record Store Day Treat And A Promo-Only Blue Vinyl For ELO!

Badfinger-Finest-Moments-575677BADFINGER Finest Moments

One of the rarest official items available on Apple, this is the withdrawn 1989 Australian only 16-track 'Best Of' LP that ended up with just ten copies pressed for review purposes. According to The Apple Log book, the album was assembled by someone from EMI who wanted a 'Best of' Badfinger LP. Because of ongoing legal problems that Apple were having at the time, the project was scrapped even before any sleeves were printed, just a 12" insert printed on greenpaper, declaring the album to be 'A Memorial To Pete Ham, Tom Evans And Mal Evans'. All tracks are from master tapes except 'Without You' which was clearly taken from vinyl. The insert sheet itself is in superb unfaded & uncreased condition & the vinyl is immaculate, this copy having originally come directly from a senior executive at EMI Australia. You won't find a better copy than this and you are probably unlikely to ever see another copy at all!


Beady-Eye-7-Box-Set-536505BEADY EYE 7" Box Set

2011 US 'Record Store Day' exclusive limited edition box set featuring three 7" vinyl singles – Bring The Light, Four Letter Word and The Roller, plus exclusive UK B-sides not available on the album. Also includes digital download of all 7" tracks plus previously unreleased live recordings of The Beat Goes On, Three Ring Circus and Millionaire; plus exclusive 13" x 19" poster. Housed in a picture box – still sealed in original stickered shrinkwrap.Limited to just 2000 copies!


Electric-Light-Orchestra-Surrender---Blue-365567ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Surrender

Very rare UK 1-sided 7" promotional-only single pressed on BLUE VINYL. Issued for the now postponed 2006 remaster series of albums. A fabulous rarity for any serious ELO collector!

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