Rare Emo, and Post Hardcore in stock now

Emo is usually
considered a dirty word these days amongst the Punk and Hardcore community, and
that term has now been coined to describe a number of mainstream artists, but in
the late 90's early 00's, the genre was very different indeed. Emo stemmed from
the various hardcore scenes across the United States, when members of bands such
as Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Unbroken and many more, strayed from the
sometimes restrictive path of hardcore and took a more alternative rock route.
There were numerous pioneers of the genre such as Appleseed Cast, Planes
Mistaken For Stars, Jimmy Eat World, Sense Field and many more that paved the
way for the bands that would be considered 'Emo' today, and often tried to
distance themselves from the term, but their legacy has never been forgotten. We
have a great range of rare and collectable Emo, Post Hardcore, and Alternative
rock titles that came from the late 90's and early 00's. Below are just a
selection of some of the great titles in stock now.

DAY REAL ESTATE The Rising Tide – Green Vinyl
– Rare 2000 UK 11-track
double Green vinyl LP, with gatefold picture sleeve that
has lyrics/credits printed on the inside. An absolutely timeless album, that
really shouldnt need any introduction. This was the final full length buy the
highly influential emo legends, and includes the tracks Killed By An Angel, and
Fool In The Photograph. Jeremy Enigks vocal delivery is as strong as ever, with
emotional lyrical content that could melt even the stoniest of hearts. This copy
has one minor crease to the sleeve, other than that the vinyl itself is in
spectacular near mint condition, showing no visible signs of play. A great
record that should be in EVERYONES collection! Dont miss
APPLESEED CAST Tale Of The Aftermath
– Incredibly Rare 1998 Swedish only 7"
vinyl single, with
The-Appleseed-Cast-Tale-Of-The-After-564815 picture sleeve and lyric insert, also including Skatter Ik
Ignito, released on the Tan Bur label under license from Deep Elm Records. The
debut 7" from emo pioneers The Appleseed Cast, before their debut End Of The
Ring Wars. This is American Emo in its purest form, with lush melodies, and a
vocal delivery that could give even the most cold hearted people goosebumps.
Even myself being anAppleseed Cast fan for years have never seen this record,
and i would be very suprised if you ever get to see one again! This is something
that should not be missed out on, and serves as a blueprint of where American
Indie/Emo came from, and how it evolved! DO NOT sleep on this! You will regret

– Rare 1997 US 4-track wide centred Red vinyl 7", with
picture sleeve. Feature 4 tracks from two of the late 90's best Indie/Emo bands
Jimmy Eat World, and Jejune. Typical of thelate 90's style of intricate guitar
playing and sugary sweet melodies. Includes two tracks by each band, Thats Why
She Hates Me, and The Early Stars by Jejune, and What Would I Say To You Now,
and Speed Read by Jimmy Eat World. A rare chanceto own a near mint condition
piece of Emo History
– Very rare 1989 UK 2-track vinyl 7", with picture sleeve and lyrics
printed on the
Jawbreaker-Busy-563810 back, also includes Equalized. One of the earliest released from
the legendary punk rock band Jawbreaker, from their first album Unfun, much more
raw, and hard hitting than their later output, with a hardcore feel and emotive
lyrics that would end up spawning and entire generation of emotional punk bands.
This is in near mint condition, and is a period piece of US punk that should not
beignored by any collector!

Keep My Soul Awake
– Rare 1990 UK 4-track vinyl 7" EP, with picture sleeve and
lyric insert. Following in the footsteps of bands such as Fugazi, Quicksand, and
Renee Heartfelt, a great example of when hardcore kids show they emotional
sideand start a post hardcore band. Featuring members of California hardcore
bands Roughhouse, Hard Stance, and Borderline, Farisde are true testament to
powerful, and raw emotional hardcore punk. A great record that should be in any
Hardcore kids collection!
also have some great titles in stock from artists such as Kill Holiday, Planes
Mistake For Stars
, Chamberlain, Braid, The Get Up Kids, and many more legends of
the Emo movement, so head to 991.com to browse our

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