Saturday’s Top Three! Including A GOLD award for Iron Maiden A Promotional-Only U2 Discotheque Ball And A Fully Autographed Def Leppard Tour Programme!

Iron-Maiden-The-Number-Of-The-574929IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast

Rare official Canadian CRIA Certified GOLD award issued to commemorate album sales in excess 50,000 units, presented to the bands co-manager and co-founder of Sanctuary Records, Andy Taylor. When released the album peaked at number 11 in the Canadian charts, the album has now reached the three times platinum statues. This nicely framed and glazed award measures 16" x 20" in size, and features a gold LP disc above the artwork miniature & the authentic, custom engraved dedication plaque with 'Gold Certified CRIA' logo and dated June 1982. All mounted on a brown matt background in a golden metal frame.


U2-Discotheque---8-M-575000U2 Discotheque

Genuinely rare, this 1997 official UK promotional-only custom made 8" diameter silver disco mirror ball is one of only a handful produced by Island exclusively for label execs and top PR bods to promote the single release. This really is just like those mirror balls you see used in ballrooms and 'disco' venues and has been customised by Island with 'U2' in large black text. Complete with the hanging loop at the top, impress your friends and have a ball [or disco]!


Def-Leppard-Euphoria-Tour-199-574966DEF LEPPARD Euphoria Tour 1999

FULLY AUTOGRAPHED Official 1999 UK 28-page 10" x 14" tour programme featuring many great photographs, with tour dates in the front and a superb glossy cover. This copy has been fully signed by Joe Elliott,Rick Savage, Rick Allen, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell in a black marker pen across the pictorial centre page spread. Keep it intact if you wish, although it's ideal for careful removal and framing.

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