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It’s Easter Everywhere,
as Roky Erickson claimed, although there are vast numbers of the people
the world of whom you could
ask Do they
know it’s Easter time at all?

(as Band
never sang). For a lot of our readers, Easter means four days off and a
bit more time to absorb the new issue of Record Collector, in between
painting the roof, being outbid for your most-wanted album in the last second on
ebay, hosing down the soiled car in case the mother-in-law turns up and wants a
lift home, hosing down the mother-in-law in case she soils the car during her
lift home, etc. I’ll be creosoting the Chihuahua in the bath (and that’s not a
euphemism for something dodgy) and hoping the weather doesn’t warm up so I don’t
have to do the gardening and can get on with reacquainting myself with some
records that I have barely played since the early 90s (and, most likely,
realising why I haven’t played them). I’ll also be looking at my small but
perfectly formed Hollies
selection and comparing it with the excellent story on their collectables
that has come in for the next issue. There, I got through that entire paragraph
without a single pun about eggs, although I am about to mention an easter bunny… and as
that clip features the great Bob Hoskins, perhaps I should get a bit more
serious and include this.


So if your favourite
musician wasn’t busy deafening himself or herself, what would he/she/it be
doing? Perhaps writing a book, as Bill Wyman has just
done. But one clever artist has taken it a bit further and is wondering what
some great (and not so great) albums would look like if they had actually been
readable possible fraud attempt
as http://ceegworld.com/the-record-books/
Particularly like Kraftwerk’s The Man Machine and Jimi’s
Are You Experienced? covers.


The new issue of
RC is in the shops as of today. Details below, although that doesn’t tell
you who was always ill on planes, about our Bauhaus competition, the
mystery surrounding The Drifters’ second UK 45, about Iggy singing
Betty Davis, our quick words with Lisa Loeb, Anthrax,
Spock’s Beard, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Lifesigns,
or how John Lennon was apparently living in Birmingham in the 1990s.
Loads to read as always; hope you enjoy it.


Have a great Easter,
should it be Easter where you are. Thank you for reading this, and Record

Best wishes


Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor


RC April 2013

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