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RC is in a bluesy mood at
the moment, although that ain’t necessarily a sad thing. This is because Ian
Shirley has been preparing our next album release, which offers excellent and
deeply rare music from the classic era of the British Blues Boom courtesy of the
Backhouse James Blues Band. But it’s also because we like it. The nice
thing about the blues is it can be about hard times but gives you a good time in
the process. I mean, if I found out my missus had been enjoying a sneaky 99 with
the ice cream man, I’d be mortified. But BB King still makes
entertainment out of it: as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoUOBqd2IFQ.
Although, if I was BB (some hope), I’d ask myself how come I could never get my
extra-long sausage in the freezer because it was always full up with tutti
frutti, none of which had been ordered on the web from Ocado. (And don’t go
telling me that they don’t ’ave Ocado delivering guacamole and the like on Beale
Street, Memphis, because I bet they do.) But that’s the blues for you: times may
be hard, but you still got a song out of it. Here’s a blues tune that keeps
getting remixed – usually I’m a sucker for such things – and Whitesnake
did an excellent version, but in this instance I am proud to say that I’m
sticking with my original copy of the Dreamer album because Bobby
got the feel of this one just right.

Good news from our
peculiar piscine pals at Fruits de Mer records: in a bid to get the economy
kickstarted all on their own, they’re launching a new label, Strange Fish,
dedicated to music inspired by Motorik, Krautrock, extra-long German sausage,
etc. Double LPs, £15! I dunno how they do it. Another thing that’s exciting my
pleasure centres is the series of singles released to celebrate the
10th anniversary of Light In The Attic, the super-classy oldies
label. They’ve slapped some of their amazing antique tunes on one side of
coloured vinyl 7”, then got some current artistes to cover them for the A-sides.
Want to hear Iggy Pop singing Betty Davis? Now’s
your chance. I’ve put three in our next Single Cream page; here’s one of them,
a brilliant remake of Rodriguez. If it’s snowing where you are, save it
for a sunny afternoon.

The new issue of
Record Collector should be winging its way to the shops in time for next
Thursday’s release date: subscribers get it
sooner, and we’re also on iPad. Lots of
fascinating stuff in this upcoming issue, even if you don’t like to admit that
you actually like Led Zeppelin’s The Crunge; stunning San Francisco
rarities; a Ben Folds rarity, more Bowie on TV, and I’m
delighted to say we got a message from the legendary DJ Peter Young at Jazz
FM to express his pleasure about hearing of our Tony Hall feature, and
another from Neil Murray, who remembers Mr Hall’s Radio Luxembourg sign
off: “That’s it and that’s all from yours sincerely Tony Hall.” Blimey, things
were simpler then. Happy days…

Thank you for reading.
Have a great week,



Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector

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