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GEORGE HARRISON Letter, Tape & Single

What we have here is unique. Way back when, a certain lady by the name of Sylvia Griffin [of Kissing The Pink fame] was co-writing songs with a lady called Renate for a solo project. This particular Renate was then the wife of a famous piano player by the name of Elton John. At one party thrown by Elton & Renate, Sylvia met a Mr George Harrison, who used to be in a group that were quite famous once. They got chatting and George agreed to record some slide guitar on her new single. This came to pass, and a copy of that very single is part of this package. As George wanted to record his slide part at his home studio in Henley, Oxfordshire, the master tapes were taken from Air Studios to George's house for the recording. After laying down his slide part, some more chatting took place about the music that George was then working on with a Bulgarian Choir & Ry Cooder. As a result of this, some small time later, Sylvia got a visit from the postman. Inside the package that had been delivered was a letter from George addressed to her & Renate on Friar Park Studio notepaper and a C30 cassette tape. On one side of the tape was a Ry Cooder song from his then to be released new album 'Get Rhythm' & on the other side three tunes from 'Chicken Skin Music', all of which were provided so that Sylvia could 'really get into the accordion – man!'. The letter finishes nicely being signed with a simple 'Love from George', to which he had added '(Harrisong)' underneath, presumably so that Sylvia could remember which George it was [!]. So, what we have here is that very C30 cassette tape with hand titled stickers, presumably by George himself, the handwritten letter from Mr Harrison, a letter of provenance from Sylvia & a copy of the finished 7" upon which George's beautiful slide playing can be heard. As you may imagine, this is one of one, so we won't be re-stocking it, it won't be going in any sale & once it's gone, it's gone!

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