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Today the news broke
that Manchester police are offering discrimination protection for emos and
goths. Fair enough, considering what’s happened. Although I could have done with
seeing more of the same in the early 70s, along with dweebs, greatcoats, wearers
of loon pants, dreads, fellas with Donny Osmond-style
hair and Budgie jackets,
girls with bits of tartan stitched onto the bottom of their white flares, and
wannabe lorry drivers with thin pale arms sticking out of T-shirts that say “Keep On Truckin’” or
show two pigs in intimate congress and bear a motto of “Makin’ bacon” –
hilarious. Anyway, Manchester Police, where were you in 1973 when I was being
chased down Wood Street, Walthamstow, by the sound of AirWair soles slapping on
the pavement at 8mph, just because I happened to go to the wrong school and was
wearing terrible brown Solatio shoes that made it hard to run? 200 miles away in
your own division, that’s where. And I can’t say I blame you either.

Lots of bonkers stuff
in the news this week. Italian footballers who claim that it wasn’t a fascist
salute, honest: instead they were making a political statement by gesturing like
little Silvio Berlusconi
reaching up to tweak a young model’s ample bust. (Photographed in the same
position, I’d have said I was stretching to the top shelf of my record rack for
an old Magna Carta LP,
which is true.) The Government has reintroduced the equivalent of the Window
Tax, which was repealed in 1851. If I was living in rented accommodation on benefits (and I will
be soon enough if this newsletter is anything to go by), I’d knock down all the
internal walls so inspectors couldn’t
claim I had a spare room. Of course, that would mean I was sleeping with my
records – not the first time that’s happened. (And don’t tell me that you
haven’t found a rare gem and been so delighted that you’ve taken it into the
bedroom just to be near to it overnight… er, you haven’t and it’s just my
problem? Oh.) The maddest thing of all is North Korea threatening to bomb The Stones in Hyde
Park (I may have got this a bit wrong). Don’t they know the Stones are
indestructible? Just look at Keef, he’s died and gone to Hell 48 times
already, yet still keeps churning out Chuck Berry chops as proof that The Devil gets all
the best tunes.

Enjoyed the Nile
documentary on BBC4 last week, especially seeing Norma Jean talking,
although I was taken aback to see RC’s own Daryl Easlea on there
too: was he at Studio 54 when Bianca Jagger came in on her horse? Eh?
Neither was I, but I was there when Ian Dury took
a pigeon to the pictures. Although I gather that Bianca painstakingly taught her
mount all the steps to Le Freak – dancing horses didn’t start with the London
Olympics, yunno. One more thing about horses, while I am wildly off topic: how
do they get them to whisper?

New issue of RC
has been flying out of the shops in the past week – hopefully you bought
yours before they took off. Some of the less-noticable things in it include a
photo of Stephen Stills with a very big guitar; Black Rebel Motorcycle
Q&A; Snowboy’s awesome record collection; a chance to grab
Iron Maiden pic discs; Steve Mancha on ebay; an A Hard Day’s
ticket, and a bit about a new John Lennon comedy. Thanks for
your support.

Have a great


Ian McCann, Record Collector Editor


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