New Order Plan To Release A New EP!

New Order in LA after Their Coachella Gigs. Photo courtesy of

New Order have revealed plans to return to the studio, announcing a series of EPs. Instead of recording another full-length album, the reunited band are considering releasing songs in small batches, to "keep a presence" while they tour.

 "We're still debating but I think what we're going to try and do is a series of EPs, then we'll probably [assemble them] as an album," singer-guitarist Bernard Sumner told billboard at last weekend's Coachella Festival. "Instead of going away for two years and writing a record and coming back," explained keyboard player Gillian Gilbert, "we're going to focus on a couple of tracks at a time … This way [we will] still have time to carry on the tour while putting stuff out."

 Usually bands follow a cycle: write and record an album, tour incessantly, take a break, start anew. New Order have done things differently. They split between the making of 1993's Republic and 2001's Get Ready, and again after 2005's Waiting For The Siren's Call. Despite reforming in 2011, the group's most recent release, Lost Sirens, is a collection of unused cuts from the Sirens' Call sessions.

 "I think New Order had been guilty of going away a lot and we disappear from the face of the Earth then come back a few years later with an album," Sumner said. "I don't think we want to do that this time … What we want to do is keep a presence and just go away for a bit."


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