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big news in Britain is Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement. I am
somewhat disappointed that my name has not been mentioned for the briefly
vacant role of Manchester United manager. I am no stranger to delivering the
hairdryer treatment, having run my own chain of record shop/hairdressers for
many years, Hairy Freekz (motto: “Our records are covered in hair. Try HMV next
time”). And shouting in a Scottish accent is something one mastered at RADA, darling.
No, not the acting academy, it turned me down for having no talent whatsoever;
I mean Records And Discs Aberdeen, a market stall I frequented where the
proprietor couldn’t hear you because he played
Montrose at high
volume all day, believing they came from the town in Angus rather than
California (bet you were expecting AC/DC). Despite the fact that the Man U hierarchy
has ignored my obvious claim to his role, in tribute to the great Sir Alex all
the records RC’s staff listen to today will have eight minutes of time
added – for no apparent reason. Fergie is said to be a Tony Bennett fan;
hopefully he’ll be whiling away Lazy Afternoons

that time of year when many of us forget about music and our thoughts turn to
the birds and bees.
Luckily, I am long past all that, despite medicinal
intervention, so I can still spend time thinking about tunes and wondering how
it is that I can be in Thaxted, in the wilds of North Essex, and yet still find
a copy of a near-to-Mint original Sly Stone album on a bank holiday
market stall. Indeed, it’s a puzzle. Anyway, at
least one of the acts in this paragraph features in the next issue of Record
, which hits the shops in a fortnight. I won’t tell you which one,
but the name ends in Head. And who doesn’t like anything that ends in head? I dare you to
click: would I try to get you into trouble? This weekend I won’t be in North
Essex at all, but I’ll give a quick mention for an event due south that I
always enjoy: the Coach
& Horses Blues Jam
in Leyton, East London, which is celebrating its 10th
Anniversary with special guests this Sunday from 3-7pm. This place knows how to
party – in a bluesy, growlin’, whiskey-soaked way, and I commend it to you. And
don’t forget the Miles
Davis Night
, also this Sunday in Carmarthenshire, as flagged up here last
week. See below.

coming up in the next issue of RC: a piece explaining what the hell is
going on with Dylan’s catalogue in the era of public domain chaos; an
interview with two folk icons who remember The Zimm as just a skinny-legged
wannabe; the Laura Marling records that collectors should be looking out
for; space-rock pioneers Nektar; the fascinating and cautionary tale of
the Criminal Damage label… and much more, which I’ll reveal next week.

Hope you have a great week,
thank you for reading this – and Record Collector.


Ian McCann, Editor Record Collector

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