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ELVIS PRESLEY Baby Let's Play House

Extremely rare 1955 US wide centred 7" vinyl single, also including I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone [although the label appears to state I'mLeft, You'reRight, She'sGone]. Elvis' Sun singles have reached legendary status and they are seldom found in as sweet condition as this one.

The rarity & legendary collectability of the early Elvis Sun singles is well known and needs no further explanation here.
What you really need to know is how you can be sure it's for real & what sort of condition it is in.

Let's start with the identifying marks:

This 7" was pressed in Memphis by Plastic Products as part of a batch run of probably as little as five hundred. The way to tell this is by evidence of three locating circular pressing lugs that can be seen and felt under the label. All Elvis Sun singles that were pressed in Memphis have these marks, which were impressions from the master stamper alignment lugs.
If a single needed to be pressed in greater quantities when it became a local or national hit, then the pressings were sent away to other plants, normally the big ones in Los Angeles. These copies do not have the three impressions under the label but are still original Sun issues.
So, without the impressions under the label, it might be an original. With the impressions under the label, it IS an original.

The labels themselves remain in lovely condition, even though they were not the best printed labels in the world. All the text is still clear & sharp with very little wear evident. There is no writing or any evidence of historical sticker marks to be seen. The matrices are hand scratched into the run off area.

The vinyl remains in astonishing condition, free from any but the lightest paper scuff and completely free of any scratches.
The final clincher to the certainty of this being an original Sun single and not a counterfeit or seventies re-issue is the presence of the famous 'Sun Hiss' when listening.

How much better can it get ?

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