Friday’s Top Three including John Cage, Judas Priest & Joy Division

591548 JOHN CAGE Dedicado A John Cage 1991 Spanish programme for the event held at the
VII Festival De Otoño in Madrid at the Circulo de Bellas Artes on the 5th
November that year in the presence of the artist, who sadly died the following
August. He was noticeably frail at the time of signing, and the autograph
reflects this when compared to earlier examples. Measuring approximately 8" x 6"
and containing twenty four pages of Spanish narrative, this programme has
actually been AUTOGRAPHED by John Cage on the front.

231779 JUDAS PRIEST Exciter 1978 Japanese only 2-track 7" vinyl single, also includes
Dissident Aggressor, picture insert with lyrics on reverse 06.5P-22

393556 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures 1979 UK Factory 10-track LP, recorded at
Strawberry Studios, Stockport with producer Martin Hannett, who carefully
sculpted Curtis' despairing vocals, Bernard's hooks, Hook's upfront basslines
& Morris' minimalist pounding into an eerie soundscape, replete with
cavernous reverb & startling effects, still massively influential to this

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