Make Sure Your Eyeballs Are Screwed In, ‘Cos They’re Gonna Pop Out! It Must Be Time For DICK’S PICKS!

Dick's Picks


It's not often that I describe something with a price tag like this as a bargain, but this is a bargain. A long long time ago, Uncle Frank & The Mothers released one of only two Verve singles in Japan. This one, with sleeve dated 'TO 6711' [Nov 67 Tokyo] was the first and has since become one of the rarest Frank Zappa official releases in the world. Taken from the recently released 'Freak Out' album, this wide centred 7" is backed by Who AreThe Brain Police? A jolly civil rights themed package all round. What makes this extra special is that the title track is the 2:33 single edit, rather than the 5:53 album version. Sometimes these are found as fairly tatty copies but even then you still have to pay a small fortune for them. This copy is first & foremost a stock copy. Secondly, it is complete with the seldom seen lyric insert. Thirdly, the thin silk laminated flipback picture sleeve is untorn, free of stickers, writing or any other significant blemish, with just a very, very small amount of edge scuffing & a couple of areas of light age yellowing on the back to show for the last forty five years. The extremely thin lyric insert is also free from folds, stains, writing or any tears. To cap it all, the vinyl is astonishing and remains in excellent condition with almost no sign of play at all. A staggering copy of one of the rarest FZ releases in the world, directly from a lost cave somewhere in Japan to you. As I said at the start – A bargain – because it is!

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