Saturday’s Top Three Including Pet Shop Boys, Celine Dion, New Order

Pet-Shop-Boys-Love-Comes-Quickl-592787 PET SHOP BOYS Love Comes Quickly (Possibly unique 1986 US 15ips stereo studio reel to reel tape, also containing Suburbia & Tonight Is Forever, with flat tones at the head of the tape for reference. This was produced by Engineer John Frawley and is on a tails out 10" metal spool with about a three inch radius of ½" tape as a result of the fast 15ips recording speed. The songs are two track, non-Dolby [hence the 15ips] and taken from an EQ'd tape copy. This would either have been produced for audio review or to send for mastering to disc or as a safety copy.


CELINE DION 1 Fille & 4 Types (Deleted 2003 French exclusive Limited Collectors Edition 2-disc set comprised of 12-track CD album plus bonus DVD, superbly presented in a 7" x 10" embossed hessian bound book-style pack featuring 44 pagesof photosand lyrics, complete with unique wrap-around band and still sealed)


NEW ORDER 1981-1985 Special DJ Copy (Very rare 1985 Japanese promotional only 8-track LP retrospective, manufactured by Nippon Columbia, housed in a unique title sleeve with images on the reverse for each Japanese single & album release plus dates for their 'From A Live – Alive' '85 tour in Tokyo & Osaka. 

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