Sex Pistols ‘took over my house’

Mark Wilson was 14 when, in 1976, he first heard the Sex Pistols. He spent the best part of the next four decades collecting all the band memorabilia he could get his hands on. But then he made the hardest decision of his life – to sell it.

He stood at the back of the auction room, watching people claim his hoard, piece by piece. Each nod, each subtly raised hand brought him closer to an empty house.

"I didn't want to be part of it," he says. "I think, if I could have, I would have probably pulled them out at the last minute."

But it was the right time to "get rid of it", he says.

"Once the first thing was sold that was it, the beginning of the end."

'Huge impression'

His wife, Sandra, quietly mouths that giving it up "nearly killed him".

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