The Beatles: the Sixties Start Here

As part of our exclusive coverage of Mark Lewisohn's new Beatles biography, the author shares an extract about how the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan kicked off the Sixties on the same day, 5 October 1962.

The day the Sixties broke out, the Beatles were in Nuneaton, playing the art deco Co-op Ballroom. They were in the Midlands, a hundred miles south of Liverpool: different accents, another dot on Brian Epstein’s campaign map. It was standard format that at least one local act would flesh out the bills and on this occasion it was a Rugby-based group called the Mighty Avengers; as their drummer, David "Biffo" Beech, would relate, the Beatles dropped into their world as if from another planet.

"We did our little bit – covers of Cliff and stuff like that – but as soon as they came on, the whole place stopped. They sounded so different to blokes like us who were doing the usual thing. People just stood there and thought, 'Crikey, who are these?'"


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