The not-quite-mint, but advantageously priced… at today

The not quite mint, but advantageously priced – rare vinyl in today at

We're pretty fussy about what we buy and sell to devoted collectors. It means we politely turn away thousands, yes I mean thousands, of records every month that simply don't quite make any grade in our picky opinion. They've been loved and played to death but they're nothing short of going in the 'wrecked record' category; unfortunately a scratched records remains forever a scratched record despite the wonders of technology.

Whilst we [and you] hold out for 'Mint Condition' only, there are some incredibly rare and original pressings that are worth acquiring in VG or EX condition and which are priced to reflect their slightly lower grading. In these austere, budget driven, times here are just a few desirable pressings that won't bust your wallet:-

144597Yes Closer To The Edge 1st pressing + inner – EX condition 598237

Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 2nd pressing Vertigo, VG Condition 598902


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