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Trouble in the Record Collector office: we’ve finally cracked. Or at least, the fish tank has. I was worried that Tim Jones had the bass turned up too high on his Katy Perry CDs, or that my impersonation of Smokey Robinson was too shrill for the glass, and we might cop the blame from the RSPCA (Records Still Played, Collectors Around). But all the aquatic critters have been rescued and as fans of drip-hop, they are getting the flow with the Underwater Rhymes somewhere else. They’ll be back soon; at the moment all we have here is the crabs.

The new issue of the mag will be hitting the shops at the time you read this. It’s the one with the shiny gold cover and the words “Small Faces” and “Little Feat” on the spine. (Little Feat ought to team up with this lass.) Quite a mixture in this month’s RC: hot collectables from Europe in the shape of Europunk and French Motown EPs; Fleetwood Mac’s lost years, a revelatory interview about Genesis, the great Albert Lee, and the British Invasion, when a load of chancers went to the US and somehow became stars. The Beatles? Anyone heard of them? Apparently they were big over there, but were not a patch on Chad & Jeremy. It’s all in RC 425, along with a load of other stuff that my goldfish brain can’t quite bring to mind at present…

It pretty much goes without saying here that it’s always an exciting time when a package from Ace Records turns up. Today was one such day: Frank Foster’s The Loud Minority CD and a compilation of Lou Adler material, A Musical History, in one much-drooled-over parcel. The Adler stuff covers everything from Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World to Peggy Lipton’s version of Donovan’s Wear Your Love Like Heaven, and a fine collection it is too. And they’ve employed the compiler’s trick: if you’ve got to put something iffy on there, put it at the end: you get to enjoy 23 fascinating tracks before Tim Curry and Cheech & Chong come along. It’s already being played to death and when I get home, the Frank Foster will be investigated in full. Happy day. Wear Your Love Like Heaven: wasn’t that also the title of a daisy age rap track?

One last link for you: we rather like this: possible fraud attempt "diamond-mail.co.uk" as youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk. But with that many hits, it must be a fiddle

Thank your for reading RC and this newsletter, have a great week,

Ian McCann


March 2014


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