Thursday’s Top Three including Neu!, Traffic & Cream

498225NEU! Neu! '75 Very scarce 1976 Japanese first issue 6-track vinyl LP  on the yellow Brain label manufactured by Teichiku, one of the classic  motorik Krautrock releases. Includes the gorgeous sonic wash of Isi,  the magical Seeland [which Negativland named their label after] & the  influential Hero, a direct inspiration for David Bowie's Heroes [even his  whole Berlin period] & many post-punk bands to come, picture sleeve  complete with Japanese/catalogue insert & obi

489276TRAFFIC Mr. Fantasy Wonderful but very scarce 1972 Japanese  issue of the 1967 10-track vinyl LP on the pink rimmed Island 'palm  tree' label, manufactured by King Record, gatefold picture sleeve  complete with Japanese/lyric insert & rare 'Rock' obi.

600144CREAM Battle Of Cream & Ginger Baker's Airforce Rare late 60s  Japanese-only 19-track 2-LP vinyl box set, manufactured by Nippon  Grammophone. Features one record dedicated to Cream & the other  to Ginger Baker's Air Force, both sequenced exclusively for this  release, housed in a 12" circular metal tin with images of the artists  plus full tracklisting on the back.

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