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Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer is almost on us, and it’s hotter in London than Rio. And talking of former West Ham United players, their greatest supporter (after Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris), our esteemed editor, is unfortunately out of action as we speak, taken crook just as the World Cup starts. Of course, conspiracy theorists will have their own view about that, but he really must be very poorly indeed to miss out on the arrival of the new issue at RC Towers today, not to mention his latest 116 LPs purchased from eBay.

We’ve poured blood, sweat and beers into issue 429 (not a formation you’ll see in Brazil, I’ll warrant). Well, wine, actually. RC Investigates rock star vintages on your behalf, concluding that limited-run wines always appreciate in value, as long as you keep them in the bottle. Not likely with the footy on, whether you’re a fan of the beautiful game or a football widow. Mind you, if you’re the better half of a record-collector, you’ll know that feeling. Which got us thinking about the ‘Jeanine Effect’ (after the infamous girlfriend/manager in This Is Spinal Tap). We wondered what effect a new wife/divorce has on rock stars, and whether their spouse’s demands lead to what doctors call ‘Rock Star Panic’ (most often evidenced by wild, staring eyes, cold sweats and loss of speech), resulting in immediate interest in reissues, the dusting off of long-forgotten out-takes for Deluxe Edition packages, and even, steady on, the reunion/‘final tour’. Does anyone have an inside track on this affliction? If so, send us your non-libellous anecdotes to rcletters@metropolis.co.uk.

Other balls in this new issue (out 19 June to non-subscribers) includes a Q&A with lead singer of Echo & The Bunnymen, Ian McCulloch, who, as far as we can tell, still hasn’t replied to the sadly-departed Rik Mayall, and it’s a bit bloody late now. Barsted! Among others who speak are Scotland’s favourite funk-rockers, Average White Band, who have not put a million quid into either the Yes Or No campaign for Scottish independence, though we’d be interested to know what other Scottish rockers think about all the Hue & Cry north of the border. Will the Bay City Rollers declare a Free State in Fife, are Capercaillie in favour of a referendum for an independent Kingdom Of The Isles and, if the isles break away and take the oil with them, will Scotland’s main source of revenue be continuous Simple Minds tours? All questions for Joey Barton.

Other Scottish themes in the new issue include that great soul-singing dart-player Jackie Wilson, and our cover feature on the legendary Track Records (by way of a tenuous link through Big Country, who were on the revived Track), which included among its roster another of this month’s interviewees, crazy-man Arthur Brown. Fire of another kind is provided by arguably Britain’s most influential axe-man, Hank Marvin, and as we approach rock-picnic season, there’s a spotlight on festival fixture and folk luminary, Ashley Hutchings. Add in our 40-yard, looping round-the-wall curveball of Musicals (we said he’s ill), and you’ve got at least one good reason not to watch every game for the next four weeks. Result!

Tim Jones

News Editor

RC June 2014

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