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81914MARIAH CAREY Daydream – Original and official Impact Posters Australian issue 24" x 35" fly poster.  In nearly new condition this poster remains unused, free of pinholes, blu-tac or sellotape, remarkable given it is some 18 years+ old! A perfect size for archival framing and arguably one of Mariah's most stunning '90s images

COVERDALE PAGE Take Me For A Little While  -Original 1993 EMI 20" x 13" promo fly poster. This 24837is a perfect piece for archival framing as it is brand new having never been used or glued to a store wall or billboard – free of pinholes and sellotape, remarkable given it is now a 21-year old poster

BLUR The Best Of – Year 2000 genuine UK promotional only 20" x 30" fly poster depicting the iconic design by reknowned artist/sculptor Julian Opie. Absolutely brand new and unused and stored flat for the last 14 years, this example is stunning without any tears, pin holes, sellotape etc and has never been used on a billboard.  Considering the credentials for the artwork and Britpop at it's best, this is perfect for archival framing and worth of your wall space!)





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