Michael Jackson Tour Memorabilia

610651MICHAEL JACKSON Quantity Of Tour Passes & Ticket Stubs A superb  collection from a huge, dedicated follower, this is something that any  fan will desire in their collection. Collected over a few years, and  we're talking a life's treasured work here from around the World. What  we have here is one of the biggest collections of different tour passes  we have seen, including Seventy, yes 70 different  tour laminates or satin style passes dating between 1981 for a  Jackson's Tour, 1987/88 Bad with some really cool Cola bottle shaped,  and some for the 1993 Dangerous tour including for Bangkok & Israel,  so many to list. This person really was a true fanatic – the ticket stubs  show that he travelled around the globe including Spain, Holland,  Germany, Belgium [for a rescheduled show due to the tragic death of  his longtime friend Princess Diana], Hawaii and many many more, in  fact a total of Thirty Two different ticket stubs and a quantity  of the pull-offs from the tickets. You have to agree, this is one very  cool item that would be downright impossible to replicate! These have  been collected and stored in special folders and we think they're best  kept like this

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