‘9 to 5’: what kind of music are people listening to at work? Tell us what you’re listening to!

Ever wonder what songs are being piped through your colleagues' headphones? We've got the answer.

British workers are listening to a lot of Pharrell
British workers are listening to a lot of Pharrell

If you hear your boss listening to classical music before a meeting, brace yourself.

When people listen to music to get themselves in a certain mood for a meeting — whether it’s a brainstorming session, a targets update or a performance review — they choose pop music almost all the time, a new survey has found.

The only exception? Respondents said they listen to classical music when preparing to deliver bad news

The kind of music people listen to in the office has been shown to affect their output. A recent survey from the music licensing campaign MusicWorks, which found that nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music, also discovered that different genres of music are better tailored to certain tasks.

The research recommended choosing pop music while working to deadlines and dance music while proof-reading or problem solving, for example.

You can read the full article here by Lauren Davidson at the Telegraph.

More importantly, here at 991.com, we'd love to know … what are you listening to at work? 

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