Extremely Rare – Elvis Presley 1959 UK Music Newspaper

Elvis-Presley-DISC---21-Februar-614211ELVIS PRESLEY DISC – 21 February 1959 (21st February 1959 issue of the UK music newspaper. Take a step back in time with this stunning slice of history from the first UK music weekly that concentrated on all things 'pop', it's a pre-Beatles world where Rosemary June [me neither] was deemed 'cover-star' material and Perry Como was still big news to [some] of the nations teenagers. However, delve a little deeper and you get a sense that things were changing, there's an exclusive setof Elvis 'G.I' photos, articles on jazz, Ray Charles, a section entitled 'Big Beat' that reviews Marty Wilde, Dion & The Belmonts, Richie Valens and on the back cover the headline reads 'Cliff Richard Makes An LP'! with some fantastic shots of Cliff in his early 'lip-curling' prime. As you might expect with a paper of this vintage there is some minor overall discolouration from age and, where the paper has been folded for the past fifty plus years, there is a very small tear along the spine, however, the paper remains fully intact and has stood the test of time remarkably well all things considered. It's a superb piece, not only of interest to the Elvis/Cliff/Rock 'n' Roll collector, but it also offers a sneak peak into a world on the cusp of the sixties and all that was to follow)

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