More Ska Scorchers Just In….

Here’s some choice early Ska/R&B singles that have just come through the doors at – all on the iconic Blue Beat label, whose reputation was such that it became a generic term for all Jamaican music from the era, here’s a few choice picks with more to follow over the next few days – watch this space!

1962 UK 7″ single on Blue Beat, No Good Woman is on the flip, both with the Sonny Bradshaw Quartet
1962 UK 7″ single on Blue Beat, also featuring Grandma Grandpa with Hersan & The City Slickers
Obscure 1962 UK 7″ on Blue Beat with I’ve Been Waiting on the flip
Another early Blue Beat 7″, with both tracks written by Derrick Morgan
Split Blue Beat 7″ from 1962 with Ducksoup by the Drumbago All Stars on the flip
Obscure groover 1962 UK 7″ single on Blue Beat, also featuring What A World

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