Dick’s Picks: ‘Scouse The Mouse’ Bizarre 1978 Ringo Starr Children’s Vinyl LP


Dick’s Picks: This week’s pick from our man Dick is this bizarro 1978 children’s LP entitled ‘Scouse The Mouse’ featuring Ringo with Donald Pleasance, Adam Faith and Barbara Dickson

Scouse The Mouse – What Is It?

Firstly, for any non-UK readers a ‘scouser’ is a slang term for a Liverpudlian. The story concerns a mouse who emigrates from Liverpool to the USA – no prizes for guessing that Ringo played the mouse!

Here’s the sleeve: Very few people bought this 15-track LP back in 1978 featuring Ringo as ‘Scouse The Mouse’! Full info here
The album also included this ‘Scouse the Mouse’ colouring competition…

This unassuming little children’s LP is also something of a Beatles rarity – what you mean very few people bought this kids LP with one ex-Beatle and Barbara Dickson on it that was only released in the UK – we can’t think why!

Original book cover

Beginning life as an illustrated children’s book written by British actor Donald Pleasance (who also narrated the album), the story concerns a young Liverpudlian mouse (hence the Scouse Mouse of the title) who starts his life in a pet shop before being adopted by a young family. Here’s where the magic happens, after spending time with the family the young mouse learns ‘human’ from watching TV, yearning for a better life and dreaming of being a star (all run-of-the-mill stuff for a mouse you know) he eventually escapes, hops on a cruise ship, nearly gets eaten by the ship’s cats, jumps overboard before being rescued by a friendly seagull who takes him onto to New York where Scouse eventually gets to live out his dream by appearing at the Carnegie Hall – as-you-err-do!

Here’s a clip of Ringo performing one of the songs from the album….

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