New novelty vinyl record player: Ladies and gentlemen meet ‘The ‘Rokblok

Do you remember those novelty styluses (or should that be styli?) you could buy in the ’70s, the ones where you placed a toy car on a record and it went round and played the record, actually ‘played’ might be a bit strong, how about ruined your record? Well forget that because a new Kickstarter campaign has just launched for ‘The Rokblok’, yes it may bear some similarity to those kitsch ’70s devices but this new spin on it apparently doesn’t scratch your records, the small ‘blok’ rides along your records, and is both needle and speaker simultaneously – you can also connect it up wirelessly to bigger speakers. Yes, it does need a flat surface, but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty damn portable!

Here’s the clip and you can read more about how they’ve gone to great lengths to stop this damaging your records here…..

So what do you think? “I’d never let this near my records” or “yeh why not”, tell us we’d love to know….

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