Did you know that 991.com can send you updates for your favourite artist/band?

Now there’s no excuse for missing out on that rare piece of vinyl, import, CD or item of memorabilia from whoever or whatever floats your musical boat!!!

Here at 991.com we are sourcing new record collections daily, with new arrivals being added to our site 24/7.

So why not sign up to our update service that lets you keep track of all the wonderful records, CDs and memorabilia from you favourite band or artist that arrive at eil.com?

No need to miss out on anything from now on….

It’s easy to do….Go to eil.com and pick your favourite artist/band



You can choose how often you want to receive updates:-




That’s it! You can choose how often you want to be mailed, and what artists you want to see.

To see our huge range of vinyl, imports, rarities, CDs, memorabilia, merchandise and more be sure to visit 991.com

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