Mark Kozlek will go down as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. While his work with Sun Kil Moon has taken him to new, exploratory realms through recent release, it was during the ‘90s with Red House Painters where some of his most heartfelt music lies. The 1992 […read more…]

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On this day in 1977

On this day in 1977, David Bowie released his eleventh studio album, Low. It marked a turning point in Bowie’s career, musically, and was the first in the ‘Berlin trilogy’ of albums recorded with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti. For Low, Bowie moved into a more avant garde, experimental sound that would become […read more…]

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John I’m only Driving….

Car Once Owned By David Bowie Sells For $218,000 From Diffusser. A 1981 Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe that had been owned by David Bowie has been sold for 212,800 Swiss francs, which translates to a little more than $218,000. The final price was almost three times more than its estimated value. According […read more…]