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Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]

EIGHTH WONDER ‘Fearless’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

The overdue reissue of this much sought after 1988 album by 1980's pop combo, Eighth Wonder. The band were fronted by singer and film star Patsy Kensit. The band went on to enjoy widespread chart success across Europe, America and Japan. This album features all the band's best loved and most commercially successful tracks including the hit singles 'I'm Not Scared' [UK#7] written and co produced by Pet Shop Boys and 'Cross My Heart' [UK#13].

This CD contains 5 bonus tracks: 3 dance mixes of the singles 'I'm Not Scared', 'Cross My Heart' and 'Baby Baby' plus the b-sides 'Let Me In' and 'J'ai Pas Peur'.

The CD booklet includes a UK Discography, sleevenotes and features sleeves and images of the band over their career spanning 1983-89.

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