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Thursday’s Top Three

Todays favourites are:   MADONNA Who's That Girl Rare 1987 UK Sire label limited edition 2-track 12" vinyl PICTURE DISC single, featuring Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero's Extended Version plus White Heat, superb pictures of a blonde-haired Madonna W8341TP.     Y KANT TORI READ Y Kant Tori Read 1988 […read more…]

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Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


YIM YAMES 'Tribute To' [Release Date 03/08/09]

CD I LP: A few days after George Harrison passed away in 2001, Yim Yames [aka Jim James of My Morning Jacket fame] was moved to record this six-song EP of Harrison covers. Paying tribute to a man that he never met, but with whom he felt a special connection, Yim Yames [aka Jim James from My Morning Jacket]'s 'Tribute To' album mourns the loss of a legendary spirit while celebrating his enduring influence. Yames performs beautiful renditions of four cuts from George Harrison's classic 'All Things Must Pass' album, as well as two of the Beatles' tunes that he penned. These six tracks have a raw, minimalist feel, featuring little more than Yames' vocals and acoustic guitar. With all the space, the room in which the tracks were recorded truly serves as another instrument in the mix, creating an ethereal aura for a backdrop. From his warm, multi-layered vocals on opening track 'Long Long Long' to his near-whisper at the end of album closer 'All Things Must Pass', Yames sings in a fittingly intimate manner. In the album's liner notes, he refers to Harrison as "a prime example of the healing power of music". These words apply just as much to this release. As the final chords on 'Tribute To' ring out, one can't help but feel a deep, satisfying sense of catharsis.

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