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Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part III]


THE OTHER TWO REISSUES [Release Date 25/01/2010]

LTM presents an expanded CD edition of the debut album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order.

The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert's work on television soundtrack and a temporary lull in New Order activity in which Electronic and Revenge also released albums.

‘The Other Two And You’:

First album 'The Other Two & You' features ten original synth pop gems produced by the duo with Stephen Hague, with surprise vocals by Gillian, showcased on the singles 'Tasty Fish' and 'Selfish'.

Originally scheduled for release on Factory Records in late 1992, 'The Other Two & You' was delayed by the collapse of the label, and instead emerged on London in 1993. This expanded edition features all tracks from the original Factory/London album as well as six bonus tracks from companion singles, including superb mixes by Moby, Pascal Gabriel and Boys Own.

The album also includes 'Loved It', originally released as a free CD to celebrate the opening of the controversial Factory HQ building on Charles Street, Manchester in September 1990. The remastered CD runs for 76 minutes, and features new artwork and detailed sleevenotes.

‘Super Highways’:

'Super Highways', their second album, followed in 1999. Produced by O2 with Tim Oliver, vocals are shared by Gillian and Melanie Williams, best known for her guest vocal on the hit Sub Sub single 'Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)'. The title track was also released as a single, featuring remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher.

This expanded edition features all tracks from the original album as well as three bonus tracks from companion singles, including a rare mix of 'Tasty Fish' by K-Klass.

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