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Monday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


JAMES YORKSTON & THE BIG EYES FAMILY PLAYERS 'Folk Songs' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD I 2-CD+DVD I LP: James Yorkston returns in the company of The Big Eyes Family Players with a new album of traditional songs from the length and breadth of the Great Britain and Ireland, and one tune from Galicia in Spain. After a decade which has seen folk music morph into nu-folk, mobile phone-ad folk, mortgage-folk, smoothie-folk and so on, Yorkston has reached back into the tradition of song and place and drawn a line in the sand. In May, a new team of musicians were drawn from the Big Eye Players and other like minded souls, to record the Analogue Cat Sessions included on the limited DVD. Recorded over three days the sessions see the band revisit songs from the original 'Folk Songs' album and other traditional songs that James has either played live or recorded as b-sides. What resulted is a vibrant and alive collection of songs, ringing with new arrangements and energy. The session was filmed and six songs from the CD are included on the accompanying DVD. Also featured on the DVD is a short film about the session recording, filmed by Institute For Eyes. To round it all off James Yorkston himself made a 3min short of the recording.

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