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Vinyl destination: who is actually buying records?

December 16, 2016 Cathryn Draper 0

YouGov says middle-aged men – not bushy-eyed millenials – are fuelling the record renaissance. We hit the stores of Soho to test their data. Lonely, middle-aged men love vinyl. Before you rush to litter the comments section with gnarly insults under the pseudonym NotAllLonelyMiddleAgedMen, this statement derives from actual data. […read more…]

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Get More ‘BANG’ for your ‘BUCK’ with our Weekly Top 5 ‘Affordable Rare Vinyl Records & Memorabilia’

November 20, 2016 Cathryn Draper 0

Here at we realise not everyone’s pockets are sooo deep they can stump up the readies for that uber-collectable slab of vinyl, CD boxset, vintage memorabilia etc etc….with that in mind we’ve put together this new weekly ‘Top 5’ of some of the more affordable collectables that pass through the […read more…]

Rare & Vintage Vinyl & CDs

Dick’s Pick: ‘Space’ Rare KLF Ambient Vinyl LP

May 14, 2016 Cathryn Draper 0

Dick’s Picks: Take a trip with Dick (in his Gemini spaceship) with this little-known 1990 KLF offshoot ambient LP ‘Space’…… Space / Space LP – What Is It? Released in July 1990, just four months after the seminal ‘Chill Out’ album credited to the KLF, the eponymously titled ‘Space’ was […read more…]