Rare BOB DYLAN Test Pressing!

We’ve recently had a fantastic white label test pressing for Bob Dylan’s 1970 New Morning album. With the ‘CBS Test Pressing’ printed labels and pressed on Heavyweight Vinyl which shows minimal signs of play, this is first time we’ve ever seen one of these! Come and take a look HERE… news

25 best record stores in films

To celebrate Record Store Day 2015, Peter Yeung charts the best record shops in the movies, from High Fidelity to A Clockwork Orange -see the full list here at The Telegraph. High Fidelity (2000) This is surely the quintessential depiction of the North American record store, with pugnacious and pedantic […read more…]

No Picture news

New JAPANESE Arrivals!

The latest shipment from Yashiki, our very own buyer in Japan arrived yesterday and some of his fantastic purchases have been hitting the website for your attention. Click HERE to take a look at the most recent worldwide pressings to arrive. Go on, you know you want to! news

For The Record: Vinyl & I

Waxing poetic about the sundry pleasures of needle-on-vinyl Call it anachronistic if you want, but vinyl continues to be a long player in the music industry. A Jan. 1 Wall Street Journal article, for instance, noted that an impressive 9.2 million vinyl LPs were purchased in 2014, a 52-percent increase […read more…]